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Kennedy Space Center

Where else in the world do history and the future, nature and technology, young and old meet for an unforgettable and inspirational journey through space and time? The Kennedy Space Center has hosted millions of guests from around the world for more than 30 years -- telling the story of how the United States built a space program that launched men to the Moon, orbited satellites that have improved our lives, and sent probes into distant space to solve the mysteries of the cosmos.

NASA's famous launch headquarters is just 45 minutes east of Orlando. Every year, millions of visitors make the treck to this island home of space program technology and unique Florida wildlife. Kennedy Space Center offers the chance of a lifetime to explore and even train on the very grounds where NASA sends humans, rovers and probes into space. On your journey you will encounter towering launch pads, huge rockets, interactive exhibits, and inspiring space program experiences.

Kennedy Space Center is a full day experience like no other. Meet one of NASA's heroes at Astronaut Encounter, join the slightly askew crew for a mad mission to Mars, or walk among towering rockets in the Rocket Garden. Explore a life size Space Shuttle mock up, see a Gemini capsule in ealry space exploration and even touch a piece of the Red Planet.

Kennedy Space Center offers exciting ways to see the NASA facilities. For an introduction, embark upon the Kennedy Space Center Tour, running throughout the day and included with your admission. Take your camera to the LC-39 observation gantry and capture panoramic launch pad views. The special interest tours provide an even more in-depth look and commentary from expert guides, but seating is limited so call ahead to reserve your space. The NASA Up Close Tour gets closest to the launch pads and now stops at the International Space Station center. Or chose the Cape Canaveral: Then and Now Tour and explore the historic launch sites of the manned Mercury and Gemini programs and the active unmanned rocket programs of today.

In 2 giant, back-to-back IMAX theaters, the dream of spaceflight comes alive with a wall of sound, five storey screens, and 3D realistic effects. Dramatic footage shot by NASA Astronauts during actual missions will make you feel like you're launching - and floating - right alongside them.

At the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame, you can put yourself through some of the same training that separated NASA's best from the rest. It's an interactive look at the life of an Astronaut. Here you'll also get the human story behind space travel, told through the largest collection of Astronaut memorabilia ever assembled. Among the treasures: Wally Schirra's Sigma 7 Mercury spacecraft and also the Apollo 14 Command Module. The tribute to explorers continues as you walk past the stunning glass etchings lining the Hall of Heroes.

Discovery on the Pad before for July 13 2005 Launch

Before its last successful mission in July 2005, Discovery sits at Launch Pad 39-B at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, awaiting the final "go" that will send it rocketing into orbit on the first Shuttle mission in more than two years.

The seven crewmembers, led by veteran Eileen Collins, travelled to the International Space Station, testing new safety procedures and delivering supplies to the orbital outpost. Now that the mission has been completed successfully, NASA have announced that the space program is back on track and will be putting astronauts back on the moon in the coming years along with missions further afield to Mars, (or in Buzz Lightyear speak ..... "To infinity and Beyond!").

How about catching a Launch?

Just 45 minutes from Orlando, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex gives you the chance to experience firsthand one of the most stunning and dramatic events on Earth: a live NASA launch. From a Space Shuttle launch to the International Space Station to the thunderous ascent of massive rockets carrying satellites, Martian rovers and planetary explorers, there's always a mission in the works at America's busiest launch facility.

Witnessing a towering Space Shuttle or rocket blaze into the atmosphere from the closest possible public viewing is like nothing you've ever experienced. Sign up for launch updates for any launches happening during your visit, because any launch is sure to be the highlight of your Florida vacation.

Click here to see NASA's Launch Schedule.


Train Like an Astronaut

ATX - Astronaut Training Experience


ATX immerses you in the world of today's Astronauts an exciting combination of hands-on training and preparation for the rigors of spaceflight. You'll hear first-hand from Veteran NASA Astronauts as you progress through an authentic day of mission simulation and exploration.

Your training schedule provides a range of interactive activities, from the multi-axis trainer and the 1/6 gravity chair, to operating a full-scale Shuttle mock-up and taking the helm in Mission Control.

Check-in begins at 9:15 am
Program Start at 10:00 am
Program ends between 4:30 pm & 5 pm

Mission participants must be 14 or older; participants under 18 must be accompanied by adult

Some height and weight restrictions apply on certain simulators. Shorts or pants recommended (no skirts). Athletic footwear preferred. Participants should be free of neck and back injuries. Tour may be altered or closed due to operational requirements.


For the latest details and costs of the ATX program please click the Astronaut.

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